Moving your small business to Manhattan

Your small business is growing slowly but steadily. Maybe it is time to organize, pack, search for moving companies NYC, and relocate to a better market. Or maybe to expand. Your choice entirely. But in case you must move to bigger offices, we bring you a thorough guide on how moving your small business to Manhattan can be beneficial and how to do it right. Let’s take a look.

Start planning on time
As you already know, a business move requires a flawless relocation plan if you want to avoid losing money and customers. Therefore, start planning on time and set a moving date as soon as you know you are ready to relocate. But before you contact your moving company, you must have all details prepared and ready. Therefore, create a moving checklist and list down all assets, furniture, and personal belongings you want to relocate. This way you’ll know how many packing materials you must bring and how hard it will be to pack everything and relocate safely.

Now, after you have everything in place, call your office movers and together create the most suitable moving plan. Check out the moving services NYC they offer and pick those that suit you the most. But you must also search for a reliable moving company instead of hiring the first one you find. So, we will show you how to find one. Let us begin.

Find reliable office movers
A regular small business move can be arranged and prepared in a month or so. But the corporate move can last up to a year. So, depending on your situation, you will choose a date and set a budget. The next step is to find a moving company and communicate further about all moving-related details. Start searching online until you find the right office movers. Compare prices and services and obtain referrals. A word of mouth is the best option. Just ensure your movers possess the following:

  • Permits and licenses.
  • Equipment and tools.
  • Moving insurance.
  • Safety standards in place.
  • Enough experience and manpower.

Also, as we already mentioned, check all the moving services they offer. Some of it can be quite useful for your situation. For example, if you have outdated gear and you are replacing your systems and business-related inventory, you can always rent Manhattan storage unit and keep everything there. Once you decide on what to do with it, simply go back and take what you need. It is a mall investment to obtain more space for all sorts of needs. And moving your small business to Manhattan will be much easier as well. Think about it.

Visit your new offices before moving your small business to Manhattan
As you already visited your new offices, you probably already know where to place your furniture and working equipment. If not, you must do it as soon as possible. Hence, visit your new office space and ensure you can take a look at the blueprints and make the layout you want. Also, you must inspect all the wiring, plumbing, utilities, sewerage, walls, doors, floors, etc. Make sure that there will be no hidden costs and expenses in the near future. Your new office should be in an impeccable state to welcome your prosperous business and your employees.

Your coworkers can help moving your small business to Manhattan
Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but your coworkers can help a lot with the moving process. This doesn’t have to be a mandatory request but rather volunteer work. You can spread tasks among all your trusted employees and let them take some load off you. Simply send an email to the whole team and an announcement that you are relocating the business. Give your employees enough time to figure out if they will follow or stay and if they will engage and help or pass this one. At least they can pack their own stuff for sure.

Set aside an adequate budget
Moving your small business to Manhattan will cost a bit. You must calculate and crunch all the numbers well in advance. Small mistakes can cost you a lot and we want to avoid such a scenario. So, you must know the final moving price and cover all errands, chores, and responsibilities before you can put the final price on paper. As for moving, your movers will visit your old place and evaluate the whole situation. They will advise on the size of the vehicle, the number of movers required all the tools, necessary, and the packing materials required. Pair everything with the moving services you purchased, you’ll get the final moving price.

Work on the legal part of the story
Ok, this step is serious and you must make the right approach if you van t to avoid any legal unpleasantries. At least a month in advance you must start working on your personal documents and important moving documents. The second one is easy, but handling all your documents and those from your employees can be a challenge. Also, you must transfer all services to the new address and update all relevant parties. Therefore, set up a PO box, call your cellphone provider, reroute your mail adequately, set up your Wi-Fi and Lan cables, etc.

And for the personal documents, you must have your passport, IDs, credit cards, medical records, school papers, and work-related documents ready to be used in your new environment. Especially if you are moving to a different state. In that case, you must get to know all the rules, laws, and regulations to run your business without any problems. Therefore, start covering this one with your HR, payroll, and accountants.

As you can see, moving your small business to Manhattan can be extremely easy if you act on time. Also, if you have the right office moving company hired, you shouldn’t have any problems. And remember to ask your coworkers to help out a bit because you can’t do everything by yourself. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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