How much does it cost to move across country? | Oz Moving

Moving Cross-Country is a big endeavor; it requires loads of planning, budgeting, patience and organization. However, embarking on such a move can be one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences in your life.

How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale

If you have an upcoming move planned, you might be looking for ways to make your life simpler and easier. If so, you might want to look into hosting a garage sale. A garage sale can be an easy way to make a few dollars before your move, which is always a good thing! However, more relevantly, a good garage sale can help you downsize to prepare. Having fewer items you love instead of many items you don’t care for can greatly increase the efficacy of your moving and storage experience--and will definitely make your moving bill less expensive.

Moving your small business to Manhattan

Your small business is growing slowly but steadily. Maybe it is time to organize, pack, search for moving companies NYC, and relocate to a better market. Or maybe to expand. Your choice entirely. But in case you must move to bigger offices, we bring you a thorough guide on how moving your small business to Manhattan can be beneficial and how to do it right. Let’s take a look.

Can You Hire Movers To Unload A Truck?

Moving can be one of the most stressful things that can happen to anyone’s life, especially if you’re moving for the first time and you have a lot of things to bring to your new home. If you have a car, chances are you need to do a bit of coordination to get a truck hired so your things can get loaded and transported to your new home.

5 Reasons to Visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We are so thankful to kick off 2020 with some incredible news: the formal opening of our latest location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Our new spot means we can serve customers in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, Boca Raton, Miami and throughout South Florida.

Packing Advice for Moving - Videos - Gentle Giant Moving Company

At Gentle Giant Moving Company, we have been packing for moving for 40 years, honing techniques for packing the most challenging items and making sure everything makes it safely to a new home. These moving and packing tips will add great value as you begin to pack on your own.

A few of our senior movers demonstrate how to Pack Like The Pros™ in the following video segments, from choosing moving boxes, to packing china, to preparing your garage for the move.

Keep It Safe: How To Avoid Injuries While Moving

Moving can be stressful and physically demanding. You can prevent injuries by taking precautions and following proper lifting procedures. Planning a move ahead of time can also limit stress and make the move much easier on both your mind and body. Below are some tips to help you avoid injuries while moving.

How to Pack A Truck for Long Distance Moving: How Do You Do It?

Moving can be one of the best things that can happen in your life, especially since you’re finally moving to your dream home. Unfortunately, moving isn’t just about fixing your documents and making new arrangements for work and even schooling. A huge part of the move depends on the actual moving day, and some complications may even happen then. For instance, what if some of your things won’t fit in the moving truck? Is there a way to make everything fit inside so you’re all set for long distance moving?

How to move in a hurry

Have you ever seen someone rushing to put all of their belongings in boxes and packing them into a moving truck?

It’s likely that the individual had to move with little time to prepare or plan. The next natural question is: Why would someone do that?

Should I move to New York?

Everyone’s 20s are filled with endless uncertainty and streams of existential questions. Who am I? What should I do with my life? Where should I live? If you are considering any of these questions, you may be looking to make a big change in your life. For many of us in our 20s, this big change may be a move to New York City. As cliche as it sounds, New York City is a wonderful place to go to explore all the questions we have about ourselves. So, when deliberating should I move to New York?, here are some things to consider:


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