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Trying to find Storage options for a single item or your entire home or business in New York City can be overwhelming. And then there’s divine intervention: NYC’s Divine Moving & Storage.

When the entire home and office space is cluttered and you are moving to a new home or office building, we are always your best choice! Our storage NYC is a place where your items are safe and protected as long as you need. Hiring a moving company with the best storage units Manhattan is the best solution for your cluttered items. We can do all the hard work! From packing, moving to safe storage solutions – Divine Moving and Storage is your best ally in successful relocation! If you want to solve the problems with unnecessary items, our moving and storage company is your best solution! So, do not hesitate to call us today!

We are the leading moving and storage company of New York since 2000
Divine Moving and Storage Company has been providing customers around NY with the best moving and storage services for almost 19 years. We want to make our clients happy and satisfied, so we ensure the safety, reliability, timely-efficient delivery and hassle-free storage options. We are always ready with the best solutions to fulfill all your requests and to give the answers to all your needs. With our storage units Manhattan you will never worry about the safety of your belongings. Storage NYC is always ready to give the requirements to all our clients. You don’t need to worry, and you don’t have to be frustrated. Our great reviews are the best sign you are dealing with the reliable and trustworthy moving company. We matter about you and your needs!

In the big city like New York City, you need a friend! And there is no a better friend than Divine Moving and Storage. In the city with the constant hustle and bustle, moving your belongings should be done with the efficient and experienced company. Our storage units Manhattan will make your move a smooth and memorable experience.

Your search for clean, safe and secure storage NYC ends right here!
With Divine Moving & Storage, your search for the perfect clean, safe and secure place to keep your belongings is over. Our storage facility Manhattan is a safe place where you can store your belongings for short or long term. Convenient storage units are also affordable and well-maintained places for all your stuff. With our all-item inventory system, world-class facility, and award-winning customer service, you can be sure – you are getting the best of storage NYC. You can trust our professionals with your cherished belongings. Your most precious items are safe in good and skilled hands of our movers and storage managers.

We take our responsibility seriously!
We know we are handling and storing your most precious items! That’s why we take this responsibility seriously! Our inventory storage is climate controlled, with 24-hour on-site security. So, your possessions are guarded and safe! Our storage units Manhattan are a perfect place for your expensive furnishings and decor, for items with irreplaceable sentimental value, etc. You can feel secure placing your trust in our storage NYC. Whether you need to store your entire home or a few boxes from your office building, we can do it for just a few days; it is up to you. We will take care of your belongings until you are ready to bring them home again!

Manhattan storage solutions to fit every need
In our storage units Manhattan your items are stored with the utmost care! With excellent storage features, you can be sure your items are kept in pristine condition. Our storage NYC is clean, convenient, and safe with climate control and 24-hour security.

With a wide range of storage services, we can bring your belongings to our facilities, or we can pick them up. Also, you can count on our professional packing services so you can be sure your items are packed and protected for safe transportation. Our comprehensive moving and storage services are designed to fit every need. That’s why our storage facility Manhattan has units designed for NYC homes and businesses. From small businesses to big corporations, from small apartments to penthouses, our storage units are ready for delivery of all your possessions.

We pack, label and inventory all items
As Divine Moving & Storage professionals are trained and skilled to pack your belongings, carefully photograph and inventory all items, labeling the contents of each box, the room it came from, and the destination–whether the destination is storage or a particular place in your new home or office. Once your belongings are stored in our storage facility Manhattan we conduct a detailed inventory of your possessions, assigning numbers for each item and maintaining meticulous records of your belongings. We always know where your belongings are so that you can get them quickly. Also, you will get an inventory list of all the items stored in our storage units. You will know where your things are at all times.

Dealing with storage doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It does not have to be a pain. It does not have to cause worries and headaches. With our professional assistance and trusted storage services, you don’t have to worry. We look after your belongings.

Storage NYC Facts
There are few facts about our storage units Manhattan you should be aware of. They are the reasons why our storage facilities are known as one of the best in the NYC area.

It’s your stuff, so get it when you need it!
We know that availability is one of the most important aspects when you want to store your belongings in storage NYC. We understand all your needs, that’s why we are here to uncomplicate the process of retrieving your possessions. You can bring them to your new home or office with no fuss! All the items are yours, so you should be able to get them anytime you need them!

Our storage facility Manhattan offers the following:

  • 24-Hour Security
  • Climate Control
  • Temperature Regulated
  • 24-Hour Video Surveillance
  • Motion Detectors
  • Clean Smoke-Free Facility
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Theft Alarms
  • Blankets Protecting All Furniture

We always put our customers first!
Our moving and storage NYC company is here to provide exceptional storage services to our NYC neighbors. We always think about your satisfaction that’s why we are never hesitating to give you our best! So, if you need a safe place to store your business equipment or household items, you can always count on Divine Moving and Storage. No matter how many boxes and things you need to store, no question of the size of storage unit and time, we’ll gladly accept it. You can store your office and personal belongings in our storage for days, weeks, months or even year!

24/7 security
We have improved the security in our facility agains thefts and break-ins. In fact, not only do we have surveillance cameras, but we also have motion detectors that would alert us in case of some strange activities. In addition to that, we also have theft alarms that would provide you with peace of mind that your belonging would ever be stolen as long as they are in our NYC storage facility.

This is one of the reasons why New Yorkers store with us! They are sure their belongings are safe and secured 24hours per day. A safe place with high security is what we guarantee to all our customers.

Fire safety
If you have heard news about a storage facility being burned down or has been destroyed by fire with all the belongings of their clients gone together with the facility, such a thing would never happen to us. This is because our facility is clean and smoke-free. Yes, you heard it right. No one is allowed to smoke in our facility, not even our staff. In addition to that, we can stop the fire before at an early stage for we also have fire alarms installed in all areas of our facility.

Temperature safety
Not only can we help prevent your belongings from being stolen but we can also make sure that it’s condition would remain the same from the moment that you have left it under our care to the moment that you would be bringing them to it’s designated place or location. We monitor and control both the temperature and climate in our facility. In addition to that, we also have blankets that we would be using so that the furniture that you have left with us would receive the highest level of protection.

Well-maintained storage units Manhattan
Our storage facilities are well maintained which means you will never see any dirt, mold or dust on your belongings. You can be entirely sure your belongings are safe and clean in our Manhattan storage units. Our facilities are convenient, climate-controlled and safe. So, you can store with no worries.

From pick-up to delivery – you can trust our storage services NYC
Our full services include great storage options, but it is not all we offer. You can use our full services so you can let the company pick up the belongings from your area or deliver to your new address. Also, you can use our packing services to help you pack and protect your items for the move. With our assistance, you can be sure your belongings are moved and stored safely. Plus, you can be sure they are protected for 24 hours. Also, the moving crew will always conduct inventories to track your belongings and make sure that they are highly secured and protected.

If you are moving within New York and you need someone you can trust – use the services of Diving Moving & Storage to move and store your belongings without getting damaged or broken. We guarantee the best and timely efficient delivery of your belongings to your new address. Since 2000, we are serving New Yorkers with reliable moving and storage services. People who want to work with dependable moving and storage company always come to us! Hiring us as a mover in New York City will never give any regrets and difficulties. Quite the opposite, you will receive several benefits when you choose our company to be your relocation partner.

In the Big Apple, we are the biggest!
Who does not want to feel safe, comfortable and successful? No person wants to risk everything she/he has because of rogue movers. Our moving company is dedicated to giving attention to all our clients, taking care of every detail. With our help, you will feel safe, comfortable and happy while moving and storing your belongings in our Storage NYC. Another benefit that customers can gain from Divine Moving & Storage is that their belongings will all be safe because the company makes sure that detectors are installed 24 hours to ensure security. The belongings will never be dirt because the storage and warehouse are always well maintained.

Working with our moving and storage company will be the best choice you ever made! We have been helping and serving New Yorkers for many years. And, we never failed them. We give our best to satisfy all clients needs and not to disappoint anyone. The moving and storage service will make your moving stress-free, hassle-free and relaxing because of their full service.

If your problem is moving and storage NYC, you do not have to worry anymore. In the Big Apple, we are the biggest! With our assistance, you will get the best moving and storage experience you cannot find from other companies. You can be sure – with our storage facilities your belongings are stored as long as you want, and nothing will get missing. Give us a call to get your free quote!

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